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* You can sign up for one-way travel. However, one-way travel is only available if the routes are not full with round-trip riders. Round-trip seats will be assigned and filled first. Any remaining seats will be available for those electing one-way travel. If there are more elections than seats, it will be assigned by lottery. If you elect one-way seating and are not selected in the lottery, you will not have busing.

* Bus Disclaimer for Website:
By Clicking this agreement I understand I am agreeing to the following terms of subscription
Subscription busing is public mass transportation. I understand it will take time to make 15-25 stops on a bus route and unload students even though my child is less than 2 miles from school.I understand the district’s goal is to have all routes completed by 4:00pm. For the first few days, they may run a little longer due to the children and the drivers becoming familiar with the routes. However, they should be completed around 4:00pmI understand the bus times can change by +/- 10 minutes day to day due to traffic, stop delays, weather, and driver changes.I understand that one of my 2 stop selections which are community based will be honored and no other stops will be added, except for stops on Mountain Ave, Central Ave, West Greenbrook, and Grandview AveFor problems, I must first report them to ERESC at 973-405-6262 Ext 287, or email, and need to allow approximately 24-48 hours for a response. If the issue is not addressed, you can then contact the Board of Education Business Office at 973-712-4400 Opt.2. Please note that unless the complaint is first reported to the ERESC, the Board of Education can not do anything to assist youI understand that the route can change at any point in time at the discretion of ERESC and the Board of EducationI understand all bus routes begin at approximately 7:50 am. The bus company who drives our bus routes, also handles the routes for West Essex. If those routes are delayed, it will impact our routes by plus or minus a few minutesI understand that in order to have door side pick up on specific streets (main roads) in town, the bus may have to make a loop so a child will not have to cross a main road.

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